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Leo Ross works directly with the divine, the angelic realm, your higher self and others to allow the best possible spiritual healing for you at the time of your session.
Using Leo's Gifts, LMQEH, NPL, CCMBA/CCSMC, Angelic light, Christ light, Omega Waves and many other healing modalities, each person will experience something different.
The Light-language and 1-2-1 Sessions can include all or some of the below modalities the 1-2-1 is more everything below and often much more.

🙏 Chakra cleansing 
🙏 Chakra renewal 
🙏 Chakra activation
🙏 Cord Cutting
🙏 Energy Retrievals
🙏 Gift Activations
🙏 Light-Language Activation
🙏 DNA Activation 
🙏 Trauma clearing, 
🙏 Emotional releases
🙏 Subconscious releasing 
🙏 Child Trauma Healing
🙏 Physical, Mental & Emotional Clearing
🙏 Activation's
🙏 Spiritual Bodies Upgrades 
🙏 Energy Releases
🙏 Soul Retrievals 
🙏 Past-life Trauma Releases

🙏 Learn where you've lived in the past & where you're from as a soul!

🙏 Learn about your gifts
🙏 Channeled Messages and Questions Answered.


Leo Ross's sessions upgrade from a molecular spiritual DNA level up to an ethereal level and all in-between. In a session, you will be given whatever is for your highest good regarding healing at that time. 

For more information message me on Skype - Simulatordrivingschool

Medical illness must be seen by a registered professional first and I do not state that I can cure medical issues.*

I will never contact you first about any spiritual reading or healing!